This is the BEST mouse for travelling ✈️

This is the BEST mouse for travelling ✈️

As travel restrictions lift and more people travel around the world. Everyone is thinking more about travelling. Nevertheless, you may want to bring a computer and continue to work or game on the go. That is why we decided to make this blog post regarding which is the best mouse for travelling! 

We believe the best mouse for travelling is our own mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless. Here are just a few reasons why!

1. It's wireless

Firstly, we designed this mouse with convenience in mind, and we believe that wireless mice represent the future of mice in the electronics industry moving forward. There used to be a ton of disadvantages to wireless mouse in the past, but thanks to the technology of today, those disadvantages are gone! 

There are a ton of advantages that wireless mice bring over wired mice. For example, you won't have to worry about the cable for your mouse getting tangled up and potentially damaged, since there is no cable to begin with!

2. You can store the USB receiver in the mouse

We designed this mouse with convenience in mind. We realized that a big disadvantage of wireless mice was that it could be really easy to lose the wireless receiver of the mouse while travelling somewhere. That is why we designed our mouse differently!

Our mouse is designed with a removable shell. This feature was implemented so that the shell can be replaced for stylistic purposes or in case the shell is broken or worn. There is a place in the mouse under the removable shell where you can store the USB receiver so you will never have to worry about losing it! Travel with complete confidence!

3. It's stylish

At the very beginning of conceptualizing this mouse, we knew that we didn't want to make a mouse that looked like an ugly, flashy gaming mouse. We knew we wanted to make a mouse that would come in multiple colours, and would match any kind of setup. 

This mouse is available in three different colours. White, Blue, and Orange. It is also equipped with a RGB scroll wheel which doubles as a battery indicator. In case of low battery, the scroll wheel will notify you!

4. It has a long battery life

The Gamebitions Orbit is equipped with a large 580 mAh rechargeable battery. We designed this mouse to have the largest possible battery while also being as lightweight as possible. We did not want to make any compromises when conceptualizing and designing this mouse. The large battery makes sure you rarely have to recharge your mouse, but when you do need to, we do include a USB C paracord, so you can continue using the mouse while it is charging.

Travelling with the Gamebitions Orbit is so easy. All you need to do is plug in the wireless receiver and it works! When you need to put it away, you can put back the wireless receiver inside the mouse. 

This is why we believe the Orbit is the best mouse for travelling, you will not find a better, more convenient and versatile mouse!
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