Why the Gamebitions Orbit is the Most Versatile Mouse of 2022

Why the Gamebitions Orbit is the Most Versatile Mouse of 2022

The mouse remains the most important tool used in modern computing. Whether you're working, gaming, or doing something in between, you're using the mouse. That is why it is important to choose the most suitable and most versatile mouse for you.

We are here to show you our interpretation of suitability and versatility, the Gamebitions Orbit wireless mouse. We believe this is the most versatile mouse of 2022. 

It's wireless!

Wireless mice are definitely the future of mice. They have so many advantages over wired mice. There is no cable so it won't get caught or tangled up. It is easier to store and carry away. It looks better in your setup. The disadvantages that wireless mice used to have are all gone thanks to the technology of today!

If you are looking for a wireless mouse, this is the one! This mouse will definitely meet your needs no matter what you do. 

Long battery life

A previously big drawback of a wireless mouse is the worry of repeatedly recharging the battery over and over again, or having to manually change out the batteries in the mouse.

However, the Gamebitions Orbit is equipped with a huge 580 mAh rechargable battery. It lasts for a very long time!

This mouse charges via USB C, so whenever it does need to be charged, you simply just plug in any USB C cable, or the included one, to charge your Orbit to full! You can also plug in the USB cable to your Orbit and use it as a wired mouse!

Removable shell

The Gamebitions Orbit has a removable shell! This makes the mouse more convenient and versatile. 

You can take off the cover to replace it incase it gets worn with too much use. You can also change the colour to change the look of your mouse! Because of the customizable shell, there are many different colour combinations you can make of your Orbit!

It's also very convenient because you can store the USB receiver in the mouse. In the case you need to go out. You just take the shell off, put the USB receiver in, and take away your Orbit carefree! This is the perfect mouse for travel and on the go!

Suitable look for gaming and work

The Gamebitions Orbit is a gaming mouse at heart. After all, it has all of these amazing specs to meet the demand of gaming. However, we designed it not only with gaming in mind, but with style and productivity in mind too.

The Gamebitions Orbit is one of those mice you can use in public and not feel embarrassed about, unlike some other mice. It does not have flashy lights or weird crooked designs. It can come off as a productivity mouse on the surface. 

This is why you don't need to buy two mice, one for gaming, and one for productivity. You can just bring along your Orbit for both! We have three beautiful colours available, so no matter what your setup looks like, it'll match amazingly!

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