Top 8 Factors to look for when purchasing a Mouse

Top 8 Factors to look for when purchasing a Mouse

Looking for a mouse could not be more difficult today. There are so many things to watch out for when you're looking to purchase your next mouse, the tool you'll use to work, or game, or anything in between. 

We're narrowing down what you need to look for in a mouse in just 8 factors. You'll know exactly what to look for when buying your next computer mouse after reading this!

8. Convenience factor

When looking for a mouse, it is important to get a mouse that suits your needs. That is why it is important to find a well-rounded mouse that can be used in multiple situations.

A mouse that can be easily stored in and out of your bag is a good example of a convenient mouse. Having a wireless mouse can help with convenience and using your mouse on the go. 

7. Weight

Weight is very important when selecting a mouse, especially if you use your mouse for gaming.

A lightweight mouse will help improve precision and wrist strain during gaming. We recommend to look for a very lightweight mouse for optimal performance in gaming. 

6. Colour

When selecting a mouse, you should also look for a suitable colour. You should look for a mouse that suits the look of your setup. 

If you don't have a setup in particular, then try to find a mouse of your favourite colour.

5. Mouse Feet

When using your mouse, it is important that it glides smoothly while using it. That is why it is important to find a mouse with PTFE mouse skates, such as the pictured mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit wireless.

A mouse with scratchy mouse feet will definitely have negative effects on performance.

4. Buttons

When looking for a mouse, you also have to make sure that your mouse has tactile, satisfying buttons. Buttons that will make you want to keep clicking away! 

You should find a mouse with top-tier mouse switches. For example, the Gamebitions Orbit wireless uses the Kailh GM 8.0 mouse switches, a very popular, fan favourite mouse switch among everyone!

3. Sensor

One of the most important factors in a mouse is the sensor. It is important to get the latest and greatest technology when buying your next mouse. 

Especially if you game, having a mouse with the best sensor guarantees top performance. The best sensors are the most precise sensors. Having a mouse with an inferior sensor can affect your precision and performance in the game. 

2. Wireless

We truly believe that wireless mice represent the future of mice. There used to be so many drawbacks of wireless mice in the past. Low battery life, huge delays, expensive, etc. 

However, thanks to the incredible technology of today, we're able to move on to the future with wireless mice. The Gamebitions Orbit represents the wireless mice of the future. High battery life, lightweight, 1ms delay time, and even more!

1. Versatility

A versatile mouse where you can game, work, or do anything in between with, is the most important factor in our opinion. A very well-rounded mouse that can do anything, look stylish in any setup, and can be easily stored away. 

We recommend our own mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit! It is the wireless mouse of the future! 1ms delay, USB C connectivity, Kailh GM 8.0 mouse switches, PMW 3370 wireless sensor, 3 different colours, and much more. 

Hopefully now you'll know what to look for when purchasing your next mouse!
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