Why you need to SWITCH to the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless

Why you need to SWITCH to the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless

The Gamebitions Orbit Wireless is a wireless mouse that is lightweight, has the top specifications, and is available in 3 different colours. It was released for pre-order on March 21st 2022. 

We're here to explain why you should switch from your current mouse to the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless. 


We designed the Gamebitions Orbit with style. We wanted this mouse to stand out in a great way. This mouse comes in three different colours, so no matter what your setup looks like, it will match it well! This mouse is good enough to match the professional setting and the gaming setting at the same time! Travelling, working, gaming. This mouse is stylish enough for all of the above!


The Gamebitions Orbit is equipped with the best specifications we could attain for it. This mouse is super lightweight, it is only 67 grams. This is perfect for gaming use as this can reduce the amount of wrist strain during long sessions. The Orbit is equipped with PTFE mouse skates so it can glide across your mousepad smoothly. The Orbit also has Kailh GM 8.0 mouse switches, and the PMW 3370 sensor. These are fan favourites when it comes to gaming mice and specifications! Last but not least, the Orbit is wireless with a HUGE 580 mAh battery. 


The Gamebitions Orbit was designed with convenience in mind. Firstly, we designed it as a wireless mouse. Wired mice have so many inconveniences when it comes to the wire getting in the way and being difficult to store. Secondly. we designed an opening inside the mouse so you can store the USB receiver in the Orbit while you are on the go. Thirdly, we made sure the Orbit had the biggest possible battery so it will last as long as any wireless mouse will. 


The Gamebitions Orbit is the epitome of what a great wireless mouse is. It has long battery life, 1ms response time, and charges via USB C. Wireless mice used to have lots of disadvantages but we designed this mouse without these disadvantages because we are awesome. :3
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