Wired Mouse or Wireless Mouse, which one is better?

Wired Mouse or Wireless Mouse, which one is better?

The computer mouse is a very useful tool in modern computing. We use it from simple tasks like playing a game of Fortnite to complicated tasks like developing the world's infrastructure.

There are two main types of computer mice, wired mice and wireless mice. 

Wired mice are the most traditional type of computer mouse, it is the mouse you are likely most familiar with. It is powered by connecting the built in cable to your computer. 

Wired mice provide the advantage of always working as a mouse and being very reliable. Wired mice never need to be charged due to being wired, and it is powered by the built-in cable at all times. Wired mice also provide a weight advantage for not having a stored battery.

Wireless mice are very similar to wired mice and have all of the functions that wired mice have. However, they are not powered by a connected USB cable. It is powered by a battery and connects to your computer with a USB receiver. Some wireless mice connect to the computer via Bluetooth as well. 

Wireless mice provide the advantage of not having to be connected to a wire in order to function. Wireless mice also has the advantage over wired mice for not having the restriction under the built-in cable. This can improve gaming performance, as a common issue for gamers is cable drag. There is no cable drag issue from wireless mice so optimal gaming performance will be there at all times.

In the past, wireless mice have had many disadvantages which dissuaded consumers from purchasing them over wired mice. The main disadvantages were a long response time and short battery life. 

Now, thanks to the technology of today. Wireless mice have the exact same response time as wired mice, no delay can be detected. Wireless mice have big, rechargeable batteries that rarely need to charge up, unlike before when disposable batteries would have to be used. 

To conclude, we believe that wireless mice are the better type of mouse for everyone in every situation. The first disadvantages that wireless mice have had in the past are all gone now thanks to the great technology of today! 

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