5 Advantages of owning the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless

5 Advantages of owning the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless

Looking for your next mouse? It could be hard to decide which mouse you want next, but with this blog post maybe it will be easier to decide!

We're here to tell you 5 advantages of owning the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless Mouse!

Wireless Connectivity

The Gamebitions Orbit was designed to be different from the other wireless mice.

Instead of having a mouse that is powered by disposable batteries, we equipped the Orbit with a rechargeable 580 mAh battery. It lasts a really long time! 

It is rechargeable with the included USB Type C cable, however you can charge the Orbit with your own USB C cable as well! The Orbit also doubles as a wired mouse that you can use while it is charging! How convenient is that? 

3 Colours

Unlike other mice you may have seen in the market, the Gamebitions Orbit comes in three different colours! Orange, Blue, and White!

We chose these three colours in particular because we thought these colours could showcase the beauty of the mouse the best. Any of these three mice would look spectacular in your setup!

We wanted to make our mouse look vibrant and have it stand out, and yet not have it look like an ugly, flashy gaming mouse. We hope you agree with our vision! 😄

Storable USB

Check this out! This is a feature you won't find in other mice. We designed this mouse with a small opening under the shell, you can store the wireless USB receiver inside the mouse. 

This automatically makes this one of the best, if not the best, mouse for travelling!

This because you won't have to worry about losing your USB receiver, which is a common concern for potential wireless mouse owners, now not anymore!

Best Specs

The Gamebitions Orbit was designed with key specifications in mind. We made sure to supply the best sensor, mouse switches, battery, and more for this mouse. 

Briefly, the Gamebitions Orbit has the PMW 3370 sensor. the Kailh GM 8.0 mouse switches, a huge 580 mAh rechargable battery, USB C connectivity, smooth PTFE mouse skates, and all under 67 grams of weight.

We equipped the Gamebitions Orbit with the best specifications because we wanted this mouse to be the perfect mouse for YOU. That means this mouse will meet all of your daily demands, whether it is gaming or productivity. It is the best gaming mouse, and it is the best productivity mouse! 

Removable Shell

One stand out feature of the Gamebitions Orbit is the removable shell! This is a feature we decided on during the final stages of designing this mouse. There are many advantages to having a mouse with a replaceable shell. 

Firstly, in case the shell is ever worn or damaged from excess or long use, you can always get a replacement from us and basically have a brand new mouse again! Secondly, you can customize the look of your Orbit with many different colours! This way, the mouse will really look like your own. How awesome is that?

That was 5 advantages of owning the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless Mouse! We hope you consider us for your next mouse purchase!

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