Gaming Mouse or Productivity Mouse, which one should you buy?

Gaming Mouse or Productivity Mouse, which one should you buy?

On the surface, you see the bright RGB gaming mouse, and the boring productivity mouse. Those are the two main types of mice you can buy in the market today. Gaming mice and Productivity mice. 

Beyond how Gaming mice and Productivity mice look, we're here to talk about the differences between gaming mice and productivity mice and which one YOU should buy. 


Specifications are much more important when buying a gaming mouse, as the sensitivity and responsiveness of the sensor is very important in making sure you achieve optimal gaming performance, while lower specifications don't make a difference in productivity mice.

When buying a gaming mouse, you need to look out for the sensor, mouse switches, and response time. Meanwhile, you don't need to worry about those factors at all when buying a productivity mouse.


Typically, flagship gaming mice are considerably more expensive than traditional flagship productivity mice. 

Gaming mice can range from $50 all the way to $200!

Depending on the type and brand you get. Gaming mice tend to be more expensive due to the high specifications which are not needed in productivity mice. 

Ultimately, buying a gaming mouse and buying a productivity mouse entirely depends on what you need in a mouse.

If you use your mouse on a daily basis to play games, then the gaming mouse is the obvious option.

If you use your mouse on a daily basis to program, or to scroll trying to find the best video to Netflix and Chill to, then perhaps a productivity mouse is a better option. ;)

However, there are people in the middle who use their mouse for both gaming and productivity use, we recommend our mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless. 

The Gamebitions Orbit has all of the advantages you want in both a gaming mouse and a productivity mouse. It has all of the specs you would need in a modern gaming mouse, while at the same time providing the look and convenience features that make productivity mice so great. This mouse doesn't break the bank either! It costs only $69.99. 

So..have you made your decision yet? 😄

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