How a good mouse can IMPROVE your gaming skills

How a good mouse can IMPROVE your gaming skills

Are you trying to become a better gamer? Are you trying to be a professional gamer, or do you simply want to get better at games? We are here to show you several factors on how having a good mouse can have a significant impact on your gaming skills!

1. Sensor

The sensor of your mouse is one of the most important factors in determining whether your mouse is good or bad gaming.

A poor sensor can have an affect on your precision. For example, if you're trying to hit a target, and your mouse has a poor sensor that cannot track very well, the sensor may throw you off by having a slow, skipping movement, or by not working at all. Many sensors have an issue of spinning out when you move your mouse too quickly as well.

It is important to purchase a mouse with a good credible sensor that is 100% fit for gaming use. For example, our mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless uses the PMW 3370 sensor, which is a top class sensor fit for gaming. More specifics regarding the PMW 3370 sensor and the Orbit mouse are available on our website!

2. Weight

The weight of a mouse is another very important factor which can affect your gaming performance. 


Having a lightweight mouse can improve aim and reduce wrist strain. This is because you can move your mouse more freely. This will also make sure that the mouse tracks your hand movements more accurately. 


When looking to get a new mouse, it is important to look for a mouse with a very light weight. As we stated, a lighter mouse can have noticeable improvements in how you move your mouse and how you aim with your mouse.

3. Wireless

Using a wireless mouse. you won't ever have to deal with the tangle and drag of the cable. We truly believe that having a wireless mouse will have a positive impact on your gaming performance. 

The biggest problem we had with wired mice was the inconvenience of the cable. It can get tangled when you store your mouse in and out of your bag. The wire tugs and drags on your mouse. These problems are solved with a wireless mouse, there are zero interruptions! 


Thanks to the technology of today, all of the disadvantages of wireless mice have been solved for the most part. Wireless mice are pretty much superior to wired mice in every single way. 

We believe that a lightweight wireless mouse with a great sensor is the best to obtain optimal gaming performance results! A lightweight mouse, which is wireless. and has a good sensor is the most optimal type of mouse for gaming in our opinion!

We recommend our own mouse, the Gamebitions Orbit Wireless! It can do it all, it's a gaming mouse and a pro mouse! It's lightweight, only 67 grams. It is wireless and has a super long battery life! It takes in USB C, and it has a top class sensor, the PMW 3370! 

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