Top 5 Reasons YOU Need to switch to a Wireless Mouse

Top 5 Reasons YOU Need to switch to a Wireless Mouse

The computer mouse is a very useful tool in modern computing. We use it from simple tasks like playing a game of Fortnite to complicated tasks like developing the world's infrastructure.

I'm here to explain why you need to switch to a wireless mouse. 

5. It is convenient to store and carry

Wireless mice don't have to deal with a cable weighing it down. When you need to use the mouse, all you need to do is to plug the wireless USB receiver into your computer and turn on the mouse and you're set! Need to pack away your mouse? Simple! Just unplug the wireless USB receiver and store it inside the mouse. 

I recommend the Gamebitions Orbit wireless mouse. The bottom shell is openable, and that is where you can store the wireless receiver, and then carry the mouse away worry free!

4. You don't feel the drag of a cable

When gaming, or even simply using a wired mouse, there are many situations where the cable connected to your wired mouse can get in the way and cause extra un-needed drag. 

A wireless mouse completely eliminates that! Imagine a bird having to fly with a heavy cord attached to it, that is what a wired mouse is, and that is one of the many reasons why wireless mice are the future!


3. It is just as fast as a wired mouse

Thanks to the latest technology of today. The latency of wireless mice are able to keep up with wired mice. Most modern wireless mice have the latency of 1ms, the new industry standard for wireless mice! You wouldn't be able to notice a difference in response time even if you tried!

The Gamebitions Orbit has a 1ms response time as well, a wonderful wireless mouse that is meeting and even exceeding the needs for work and gaming!

2. The battery life is long

The wireless mice of nowadays can last so long that you sometimes forget that you even have to charge it! A previous problem of wireless mice is the worry of having to consistently charge it over and over again, and having this issue affect you mid-game, or mid workflow. 

The Gamebitions Orbit has a 580 mAh battery, a HUGE battery which can last for a very long time! When battery is low, the light on the scroll wheel will flash red, indicating that you will need to charge it soon. 

1. Wireless is the simply superior to Wired

Wireless mice are the future of mice. There is no debate to that. It is more convenient to use. All of the previous drawbacks a wireless mouse brought to the table such as a long delay, or a terrible battery life, are all negated now thanks to the wonderful technology of today! 

The Gamebitions Orbit is one of these wonderful wireless mice of the future, you can purchase it now on our website!
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